Wyly Wade

No such thing as hacker-proof

Computer Security

Effective cyber security today means identifying threats before attacks occur and securing your most valuable assets. For starters, there is no such thing as “hack-proof”. The only device or network that is unhackable is the one that isn’t and can’t be connected to the internet or a network. The nature of cyber threats has changed—and so too should the way enterprises prepare and respond. Mischievous hackers have largely been replaced by sophisticated cyber criminals who are often well-resourced and potentially even sponsored by national governments. Enterprises will need to continue building their cyber security capabilities to match—if not exceed—the growing sophistication of cyber crime tactics.

BiON Smartfile www.bioncorp.com and www.bionbeta.com are an important part to the cybersecurity equation. Giving a CIO, CEO and CFO the ability to know if they have a data leak wether internally intentional or by an unauthorized external group attacking.


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