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Oyster — NetFlix meets pay library

Oyster, a combination of NetFlix and pay library service at less then $10 per month. Kadambari Murali Wade should be over joyed… Another Peter Thiel investment that I love. In my opinion he is clearly picking winners. Oyster could be a viable option for the price of less than a book a month. The team behind Oyster knows the difficulty of putting down the hard copy in exchange for your iOS device, and it isn’t out to kill off the bookstore, just provide the best reading experience tablet and phone users have ever had. In that regard, the app hits its mark.

Reading (process)

“We love print books and think there will always be a market for hard copies,” Oyster co-founder Willem Van Lancker told us. “Oyster is a new platform that encourages discovery and allows access to books on a mobile device anytime, anywhere. It’s a unique offering and we’ve taken extra steps to build our product as the best all-in-one reading experience around.”

The actual reading experience through most ebook reader apps is pretty identical, save for a few bells and whistles. You’ve got text on the screen with some ability to tweak the size and font. Oyster isn’t looking to reinvent what Amazon’s Kindle already made popular because there’s not a whole lot of places to go with it, but it has managed to take some of the strain out of reading from the screen. The ability to apply Instagram-esque filters over the page and modify the appearance of text, including an always-welcome night mode, makes it easy to find a display style that is easy on the eyes and makes for a pleasant reading experience, even over an extended period.

“It’s a unique offering and we’ve taken extra steps to build our product as the best all-in-one reading experience around … Our goal is to bring a clean, intuitive and sophisticated experience to users and we’ve heard incredible praise from our users already,” explained Van Lancker.


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