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UID/Aadhaar tour by Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN – YouTube

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Zakaria’s, India at a Crossroads, looks at several facets of a changing India. He looks at AAP, Aadhaar and a new tv show. Fareed Zakaria does a great job looking at Aadhaar. Looks at the sheer size and complexity of the project along with some of the issues that the project faces. If you enroll 1 person per second it would 38 years to complete the project. Srikanth Nadhamuni did a nice job explaining that it is thousands of enrollment locations currently enrolling over 1 million people per day throughout the country. There are so many largest and biggest in India but at its beginning this project was truly about the ability for every person to prove they are who they say they are. I was truly blessed to be a part of this transformational project and an amazing team!!


I love the quote “India grows at night when the government is asleep. ~Das

India At A Crossroads, A Fareed Zakaria GPS Special – YouTube.

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