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A Timeline: Israeli and Saudi Arabian Hackers Cyber War

Cyber acts have become more popular over the years. They have grown from the high school cyberbullies to the fully powered cyber wars between citizens of different countries, such as the war between the Saudi Arabians and Israelis. With all the war going back and forth, it is hard to keep track of all that happened.

The first attack came when a Saudi Arabian hacker went after credit card information of Israelis. Quickly stating who he worked with and claiming that he had over 400,000 credit card holders’ information. As the banks and credit card companies became aware of this, they began blocking the compromised cards. The companies also made a statement that the information the hacker had given was inaccurate and that it was only 15,000 compromised cards.

The attacks back and forth continued for weeks with more Israeli credit card holds information being exposed. Israeli citizens retaliated by following the hacker’s trail and uncovering his identity and hope to get him extradited and put on trial.

The Saudi Arabian hacker retaliated with stating that they were wrong about who he was and challenged them to play the “game.” He gave them two weeks, stating that if he posted again, after two weeks they had failed, and he had won.

Israel’s government quickly spoke up asking their citizens not to be vigilantes. They called the cyber war against their citizens “a breach of sovereignty comparable to a terrorist operation,” while Saudi Arabia’s government told them to “confront the Zionist crimes.” That is what happened. The cyber wars continued.

The report from the governments caused the Saudi Arabians to retaliate at the Israeli government, taking down their site for half an hour causing an Israeli hacker to take matters into his own hands by tracking down personal information for 50,000 Saudi Arabian citizens. The information he held included names, credit card numbers, expiration dates and phone numbers. However, this new hacker stated that he had chosen not to release the citizens’ CCV numbers.

The Israeli hacker created a “group” and stated that he would release the information of the credit cards, and he did. He began publishing credit card information and stating that he had over 1,000,000 more to release.

If the cyber wars did not have enough players already, another hacker came in stating that he would release Arabian emails accounts and passwords. He stated that he had around 30 million email address, and he would publish them for the next 55 years. He planned to release 1,500 emails a day. He would not attack the innocent civilians financially, but rather corrupt their online experience.

As the hacking continued, Turkish and Arab hackers were called to join the cause and attack, others released email addresses. The newest hacker stated that the media had downplayed how important he was in these cyber wars.

The attacks did not stop there, but continued with stock exchange markets being taken down, and Saudi Arabian credit card holders’ information being leaked. Although there were no serious repercussions reported, as a result of the attacks, it was only a matter of time with new hackers jumping it.

It is not the first cyber war to occur, and it certainly will not be the last; however cyber wars are not usually contained to military and other official levels. There is no telling when the next attack may come from independent hackers being set off.


Article Name
A Timeline: Israeli and Saudi Arabian Hackers Cyber War
Turkish and Arab hackers were called to join the cause and attack

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