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Ms. K’s Princely State

The next installment of Kadambari’s blog goes into the issues with Kyra’s sleeping and the usage of a Rajasthani tent that has allowed her to create her own little fiefdom. It provides her a safe dark place to play but know that she is not far from the safety of her parents who are still in the family room. While she does still suffer from sleep on set and sleep maintenance insomnia at least with the tent she is able to wake up in the middle of the night and have her zone where she is able to play and eventually fall back to sleep. Or so we hope.

Normally light sensitivity works in conjunction with poor eye sight with children that have autism but Kyra like everything else is different, she seems to have very good sight but also suffers from this light sensitivity which the tent definitely helps with as well.

All the medicines are a concern but the insomnia is more of a concern.

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Ms. K's Princely State
Kyra sleeps in a tent (she really does), which sits royally in one corner of our really large family room.

2 comments for “Ms. K’s Princely State

  1. October 11, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    Great article. My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as OCD and SAD. Particularly when he was younger sleeping was a huge issue, as well as feeding and behavioural challenges. Many of these stemmed from sensory and anxiety. We tried many things (including a tent, which also worked for him for a while too) and that’s all you can do…keep trying things and finding what sticks. It has, and continues to be, a journey (of ups and downs), thank you for taking us along on your journey as well.

  2. October 13, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    I enjoyed this article. It is really eye opening for other parents. I had no idea light can play such a huge factor in a child’s life. The tent idea is brilliant. I remember making forts out of couch cushions and blankets when I was a kid. I would sleep in them as well! I am not sure what it is, but there is comfort to being in small spaces with many walls when we are children. I hope more parents read this and learn from you. You and your child could be helping so many kids all around the world and not even know it! 🙂

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