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Coping, caring, hoping, sharing – Livemint

Ka had more than 200 messages of hope, shared stories from fellow parents about their children with hearing loss, autism, vision issues, cancer, Down Syndrome, dyskinesia, various GI issues, cerebral palsy, fetal alcohol syndrome, childhood apraxia of speech, muscular dystrophy, ADEM, diabetes and well, more. Many people reached out through Facebook, some through Twitter and LinkedIn, and others through friends of friends, etcetera, showing me, yet again, how connected a world we live in. Kyra, despite being just three months out of three significant surgical procedures, has been doing very well. A couple of the messages were angry, more with themselves for writing in, than at me for writing ‘out’. A few were sad as they told me their stories, believing they had little hope, and talking of giving up. Yet, by finding it within themselves to reach out to a stranger I think they showed me, at least, that they hadn’t given up as yet. And I tried to write back to each person and say as much. A few messages were from parents that just wanted to talk to someone who they thought understood where they were coming from. And I hoped I did. I tried to listen, but some days those messages were hard. Most though, were from parents who were kind enough to thank me for sharing Kyra’s story and our life, saying it had helped them get through their day, knowing we had got through ours.

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Coping, caring, hoping, sharing – Livemint.



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