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Internet of Things its kinda a Big Deal | Wyly Wade

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Really no kidding. Just by logic there are lots more light switches, outlets and appliances dwarf the total number of computers, laptops and other computing devices ever sold. 1.9 billion devices today with an estimate of 9 billion devices in the next 4 years; the Internet of Things is turning into big business. Now imagine…

Over 10,000 visitors in a week — Thank You

I am amazed and humbled that anyone would find what I read or say of any interest. This week was even more amazing that 11, 462 unique visitors decided to read something on my little square of the internet. I am even more so amazed that I am getting people from all over the world.…

Amazon VS IBM In A Battle For The Cloud

Every one is looking at the choice of Amazon over IBM as a big win and big validation of the use of the public cloud but the reality is there will be limited government use of the general public cloud. There are several groups within the federal government that are building private clouds that can…

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