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Casino KYC 101 — Read It Now! | Biometrica Systems Inc

If you’re a casino in the U.S., or a casino that is part of a U.S. group, you’re almost always classified as a NBFI, and have to follow KYC norms, under the BSA rules, file CTRs and SARCs. If you’ve ever wondered why you need to know what these terms stand for, and why you…

Biometrica Heading To Oklahoma Meet For Discussion On Tricksters And Trafficking

“We don’t just make products that track and catch casino cheats, though we’re well known for that,” said Biometrica’s Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Parker. “Our systems target tricksters, thieves, traffickers and terrorists. And given the results of our case study last week, and the fact that the OIGA is proactively looking to clamp…

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