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Fact or Fiction: Theft of 800 million credit cards by Ukrainian Anonymous

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Self-styled Ukrainian hackers are bragging they dumped millions of stolen credit card numbers online – but the claims may simply be a political smear job amid tensions between Russia and the West. A group calling itself “Anonymous Ukraine” boasted this week that it is in possession of 800 million credit and debit card details. In a…

Texas — the Saudi Arabia of Wind Energy

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On Wednesday, March 27th, the largest state in the contiguous United States got almost one-third of its electricity by harnessing the wind. According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages the bulk of the Lone Star State’s power grid, a record-breaking 10,296 MW of electricity was whipped up by wind turbines. That’s enough to provide 29 percent of…

General Mark Owen tapped as Civergy CEO

  US Air Force Brigadier General Mark Owen (retired) has been appointed Chief Executive Office as of March 2014. Mark is more than just “qualified to lead” the Civergy family of companies, as we move towards building an organization that provides a range of critical services and indispensible products — from cybersecurity to energy security, business…

Solaric — Electrifying the Bottom of the Pyramid | Nanogrids in Bangladesh

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This is a story of how a technology start-up in one of the poorest regions of the world, Bangladesh, is quietly going about changing the lives of millions of people, by providing them access to energy for the first time. In Bangladesh, a country of 154.7 million people, over 50% of the population has no…

Chicago under ice

Beautiful photo of a very cold Chicago

Frozen Lake Michigan


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UID/Aadhaar tour by Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN – YouTube

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Zakaria’s, India at a Crossroads, looks at several facets of a changing India. He looks at AAP, Aadhaar and a new tv show. Fareed Zakaria does a great job looking at Aadhaar. Looks at the sheer size and complexity of the project along with some of the issues that the project faces. If you enroll…

$600 Million stolen and still no real news

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This is an ongoing story that has really not gotten a lot of coverage. It is now estimated that over $600 Million was profited from the pre trading of the interest rate change in September. Three to seven milliseconds before the fed moved interest rates, billions of dollars of trades were input that took advantage of the…

London Bridge opening for a rubber duck

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A 50 foot rubber duck traversed through the London Bridge in December of 2012. It was part of a marketing event for Jackpotjoy.com Related articles Using Rubber Duckies to Promote Your Brand Custom Rubberized Ducks – Curiosity & Fun in a Promotion

Hours worked, productivity, and wages — Relationship

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I am not sure who works only 32 hours per week but by the stats provided in The Economist that is the average work week for the US. Glad to see that is higher then most countries but I would personally feel lost working so few. Economic data show that in 1950, Americans worked around 1,900…

Why I am for an increase in minimum wage

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Historically, I have been pretty anti an increase in minimum wage, in the fact that the free and open market should determine what the fair price of labor should be. In the past years though I have been thinking that there are a few ways to deal with an influx of cheap foreign labour and…

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